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OSINT - Open Source Intelligence Tools

From Military Tools to Consumer Society Softwares ?

Digital Currencies Vs Crypto Currencies - Technical & Cyber Issues

The comparison between the CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency, and Crypto Currencies, is easy to understand because Crypto Currencies offer only the decentralized model. In other words, Crypto Currencies are not issued, guaranteed, regulated or controlled by a government, by a monetary authority or by laws. They are left free and dependent on the will of the financial market. Crypto Currencies, however, are accessible to all, for all and without intermediaries, this is not the case with CBDC.

5G - Cyber Issues

The 5G Technology is the answer to increasing consumer Technology Needs from Institutions, Corporations to Individuals. It differs from the 4G by four major technical aspects - Interconnectivity - The ability to simultaneously connect a greater number of various devices, - Speed - Faster responses time - Scale - More and More Data, - Dynamism - Interactions Complexity.

David Guillaume Deniel - Azoulay

Cyber Tools & Cyber Arms

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English, French

David Guillaume DENIEL-AZOULAY, started his career at KPMG France in 2001 as IT Business Innovations Manager. He then worked with International Companies in Europe, North America & Middle East. Since 2015, he has Specialized in Cyber Tools & Cyber Arms. In 2018, He joined a French Think Tank - Liberty & Prospective - Created on Anti-Terrorism & Law Enforcement Questions, he is in charge of the Digital Subjects. He Graduated the Institute of Management in Paris, The Manhattan Institute of Management in New York, and was a student in Tokyo.

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