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Israel and the Middle East: Shifting Sands

The Iranian Shiite axis vs. the Saudi Sunni axis and Israel, the struggle over natural gas in the Mediterranean, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Abraham Accords: take the plunge into the tumultuous depths of today's Middle East geopolitics.

Iran and Israel: From Shah to Shiite Crescent

What are the roots of Iranian enmity toward the West and Israel? How is Israel countering Iran's nuclear and regional ambitions? These and many more questions will be answered on the region's hottest topic.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Core Issues to Unfolding Realities

Israel and Hamas – a clash of values in the Gaza Strip; the core of the conflict, the peace process and the Abraham Accords: what is in store for the complex conflict?

David Oman

Middle East Geopolitics Lecturer and Tour Educator

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English, Hebrew

David Oman lectures, guides strategic field tours and writes on Israeli and Middle East geopolitics. He is a public speaking coach, a member of the Taglit-Birthright Geopolitical Speakers Bureau and served as director of communications at the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), where he gave presentations and interviews in myriad forums including the EU, UK and Spanish parliaments. Mr. Oman received his B.A. in international relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his M.A. from the Hebrew University’s Swiss Center for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution, where he received the Rector’s Award for Excellence.

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