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Iran’s Plans and ambitions

Become a Nuclear power and have a larger influence on the Islamic world.

The way humanity stops global warming

Self driving electrical cars. Growing vegetation with large capacity to observe pollutant from the air.

The real history of the land of Israel

From biblical time to various empires concurs, Until the formation of the state of Israel in 1948.

David Shimon

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Born in Israel, to Holocaust Survivor parents. Joined the IDF in 1971 and Serve in the Paratroopers Division. He completed successfully officer’s training school. One month before the 1973 “Yom Kippur War”, was promoted to a Lieutenant. In the war, was part of the forces that crossed the Suez Canal deep into Egypt. At the close of the war, was promoted to Captain and was appointed to be in charge of Education for the entire Paratroopers Brigade. The Brigade continued fighting in the Golan Heights for 3 months.
In 1975 started to work for the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC In security and later become the Information Officer.

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