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Mind Over Terror – 3 Weeks 2 Cities 1 Mission

A true story of three significantly traumatic events which affected two UK cities. Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman embarked on one incredible mission; a mission to change the way we approach mental health in dealing with survivors of psychological shock and trauma in the UK.

The Mossad of Moshe Rabeinu

The 12 Spies – An operational examination of the story of the 12 Spies as recorded in the Book of Numbers, were a group of chieftains of the Children of Israel, one from each of the Twelve Tribes, who were dispatched by Moses to scout out the Land of Canaan for 40 days as a future home for the Children of Israel, during the time when the Israelites were in the wilderness following their Exodus from Ancient Egypt. The account is found in Numbers 13:1-33.

CORTEX – CPFA – Cognitive Psychologuical First Aid

Suitable for all groups from High Schools to Communities and for Professional First Responders, Security, and Military.
A novel protocol of Israeli technology, the CORTEX protocol, based on protocols in use in civilian and military settings. Emphasizes the immediate action and rapid return of the individual to effective functioning at the scene of a traumatic incident.
CORTEX Cognitive Psychological First Aid™ is differentiated from traditional PFA by highlighting the use of cognition (Prefrontal Cortex) and action as opposed to emotions.

Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman


Location Mark

United Kingdom


English, Hebrew

Dov Benyaacov-Kurtzman BA. LLB. BSW. PgDip Psychiatry (Distinction).
A veteran of 3 Israeli security services – IDF, Israel Police, and equivalent rank of Colonel at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. Founder of Emergency Response Unit of Cognitive Psychological First Aid CEO of Psychotrauma Practical Training School. Dov is a Rabbi, Clinical Social Worker, Psycho-traumatologist, Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, and published author.

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