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An overview of competitive intelligence from the perspective of the board of directors and the management

Competitive Intelligence is a systematic and ethical program for gathering, analyzing, and managing external information that can affect your company’s plans, decisions, and operations.
It offers significant advantages to the organization's board of directors, board members, employees, and managers in the areas of marketing, sales, R&D, HR.....
According to Protivity's annual survey of close to 1,500 senior managers in the world, understanding the competitive landscape and obtaining intelligence are essential to addressing the rapid changes in the business environment.
The lecture will explain the importance of competitive-business intelligence for a company's dynamic capabilities (seizing, reconfiguration/transformation/innovation) and how it can assist in achieving the organization's goals.

Establishing and managing a competitive intelligence unit in the company

After a brief review of competitive intelligence as a field, it will be explained how to properly approach the establishment of a unit that specializes in the field; and lessons learned in various organizational, operational and business aspects, derived from the experience of establishing and operating such a unit at one of the largest financial institutions in Israel.

Customizing competitive information sources to match the sequence of dynamic capabilities

I will discuss the interaction between two distinct information sources – human information and intelligence (HUMINT) and web-based information sources (WEBINT), as well as how those resources contribute to the development of firms' dynamic capabilities (seizing, reconfiguring/ transforming/ innovating).

Dr. Amiram Markovich

Senior consultant, Academic Lecturer & Researcher

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English, Hebrew

Dr. Amiram Markovich, former Senior Vice President in Bank Hapoalim, established the Competitive Intelligence Unit; managed large bank branches; & designed credit systems.
Amiram's Ph.D. focused on competitive intelligence & dynamic capabilities.
He lectures full academic courses of Competitive Intelligence & banking at MBA programs in leading universities & academic colleges.
Member of the Board & Finance Committee at Rafkor Ltd.; a Board member of Israel Knowledge Management Forum; member of the extended KMGN's Board, & a member of the Israel Social Directors Team. Additionally, Amiram mentors startups.
Amiram is Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) in a specialized field intelligence unit.

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