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WANTED - How to always be in demand in the job market

How to always be the chosen candidate, even in a competitive job market?
How to create a situation where employers really "fall in love" with you and want to offer you a job?
The lecture, based on a PhD thesis and over 15 years of experience, reveals the secrets of the job market: What employers are really looking for when they hire new employees, how to be hunted by employers, and how to always be on top of demand.

UP - Personal branding in a changing job market

What is the impression left after you leave the room? What do people think of you?
How to build and leverage a professional status, that includes the most appealing impression management in the job market?
Whether you're an employee, a manager, or have your own business, you have to acquire the know-how of building and leveraging your career path.

Employer Branding -- The organizational resilience is in the palm of your hand

Employer branding is not a luxury anymore, it's the basis for creating a leading and stable organization. In times of global changes, Dafna walks you through the new challenges of companies in the age of Covid19, and talks about strategies to build resilience in times of crisis.

Dr. Dafna Shaked

Social Resilience | Employer Branding | Career and job

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English, Hebrew

Dr. Dafna Shaked is an entrepreneur, researcher and inventor of unique programs in the fields of social resilience and its current appearance in the job market.
Dafna has an expertise in leading organizations to create a strong employer branding, combines with the ability to form the exact organizational culture to attract and retain employees, managers and experts.
With a PhD from Tel Aviv University and a career of over 15 years of experience, including as an IDF officer and a researcher at the INSS, Dafna leads organizations and individuals to success.
Dafna is a consultant to leading high-tech organizations, a global lecturer and a writer of 2 books.

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