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The Art of Forgery & Restoration

Money Bills, Papers, Documents, and Paintings. Dr. Doron Lurie wrote his doctorate about art forgery. In his lecture, he speaks about how to identify a forgery, and who were the greatest forgers of the 20th century and how they were captured.

Art Authenticity

Dr. Doron Lurie tells the stories of the fake art of Leonardo De-Vinci, Rembrandt, Van-Gogh, Picasso and many more.

FAKE? (curator of the exhibit)

Forgery is a fascinating phenomenon that has always intrigued people. This exhibition examines forgeries in the fields of art, fashion, history, literature, religion, and archaeology. It features fakes by notorious Dutch art forger Han van Meegeren (1889–1947), who made paintings in the style of Vermeer and passed them as originals. Three Dutch museums loaned van Meegeren's major forgeries to the exhibition.

Dr. Doron Lurie

Art forgery world expert

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English, Hebrew

Doron holds a Bachelor's degree from the Graphic Design Department at Bezalel in Jerusalem. Studied restoration in Amsterdam and Rome and went through a year of specialization in London. He submitted a doctoral thesis entitled "The Phenomenon of Forging a Picture on Another Picture".
Since 1979, he has worked at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as a chief restorer and curator of art from the 16th to the 19th centuries.
He served as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law and the Department of Art History at the University of Tel Aviv for nine years.
Dr. Lurie has specialized in the authenticity of Rembrandt's photographs for 30 years, in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the world.

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