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The Financial infrastructure of Terror Organization

The briefing will concentrate the development the Economic infrastructure of radical Islamic organization in current History, concretely, Hamas, Al Qaida and Hizballah. The variable financial sources, the way of transferring and the critical of the financial infrastructure in evolution of Islamic Terrorism and spreading of Radical ideas.

Economical warfare in the Modern age – Alternative to Conventional warfare?

The briefing will concentrate the developments in Economical warfare concept in the last 50 years, will explain why we are in the middle of economical world war, what is the advantage and disadvantage, and will try to give answer if we have alternative to conventional warfare.

Dr. Ehud (Udi) Levi

Specializing in countering terror financing and fund tracing

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English, Hebrew

Served as Intelligence officer in the IDF and other agencies for more than 30 years, specializing in countering terror financing and fund tracing.
In 1996 nominated as IDF representative in Counter Terrorism Bureau in the Prime Minister Office, and served as General Meir Dagan’s deputy, who headed the special committee for terror financing combating under P. M. Office.
In 2003, after General Dagan’s nomination as head of “Mossad”, Dr. Levi was appointed as head of Economic warfare division, leading both in-house and international multi-lateral operations and foiling Billions of USD allocated to financing terrorism and WMD programs.

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