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Israel – National Security

The I.D.F, Media and the Israeli community, all play a part in Israel's national security.

Israeli society

The story of how Israel was founded, from the Balfour Declaration to the Law of Return.

Lithuanian community during the Holocaust

94% of Jewish Lithuanians were executed during the Holocaust, including Ephraim's uncle and grandfather.

Dr. Ephraim Lapid

Dr. Brig. General (Res.)

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English, Hebrew

Dr. Ephraim Lapid is an adjunct lecturer at the Departments of Political Science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and former senior Intelligence officer.
He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel.
He is a leading expert in Public and Military Affairs, Middle Eastern Current Affairs, and Jewish life.
As a senior officer in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) he occupied many key positions, among them: Senior Intelligence Officer (including – Operations Officer in the '70s), IDF Spokesperson, and Instructor in the National Defence College.
He holds several positions in the Israeli public and private sectors.

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