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Menachem Begin, peacemaker and warmonger?

Menachem Begin will always be remembered not only for his modesty and his love of Israel but mainly for his contribution for the establishment of Peace between Israel and its neighbors.
Against all odds, Begin published in late 1977 his "self rule plan" for the Palestinians from which he withdrew after being attacked from all sides of the political body-politic.
Far from the limelights he established contacts with President Sadate of Egypt and after two sessions at Camp David, he finally signed the first Peace Treaty with the biggest Arab country- Egypt. By the same token the agreement included a chapter on autonomy for the palestinian territories, which was in fact the first official recognition of the palestinian people by any Israeli leader ( Golad had previously said that there were no palestinians).
This palestinian episode and the apprehension that the PLO might influence the local palestinian leadership led inter alia Israel to initiate the first lebanon war whose main goal was to destroy the PLO so it stops from shaping the political positions of the local palestinians who were negotiating with Israel on the Autonomy. In fact the Lebanon war turned to be a trap for Begin in which he fell and didn't recover till his resignation and his falling into dementia.
I accompanied these processes from the position I held in the Israeli military intelligence as head of the Egyptian Branch and later as head of the Syrian-Lebanese branch.
In fact it is a direct testimony of the events from the point of view of an intelligence officer , events that still affect us today.,

Memories of my work with Yitzhak Rabin

Oslo Accords - Was Israel Wrong?

Dr. Jacques Neriah

Former Policy Adviser of the Prime Minister

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English, French, Hebrew, Arabic

A retired Colonel from the I.D.F, Dr. Jacques Neriah is the former Policy Adviser of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the former liaison officer between the Rabin Government and the Israeli Knesset . As such Dr. Neriah was involved in crucial negotiations with Arab politicians whose outcome still impact today on Israeli life. Dr. Neriah was also part of the Israeli Camp David team which negotiated the Peace accords with Egypt and accompanied Prime minister Menachem Begin in his first official visit to Egypt as his personal translator. Dr. Neriah was also part of all the negotiation teams with the Arab counterparts since the Madrid Conference.

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