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The Story of 'Habricha Movement', 1944-1949 Exodus from Europe

Habricha (meaning “the Escape”) movement was the underground organization that helped Jewish Holocaust survivors escape from post-WW-II Europe, wander illegally through its roads on their way to the Mediterranean Shores to the Illegal ships that will carry them to Eretz Yisrael.
Habricha organized the emigration of about 300,000 refugees and had a central role in the founding of the State of Israel. Habricha - on the roads of Europe, and Ha'apala - on the Mediterranean Sea - present together with a story of courage, determination, and love for the Jewish people and for its ancient homeland - Eretz Yisrael.

The Story of the Children on the Bricha (Escape) Routes, 1944-1949 Exodus

Of about 1.200.000 Jewish children in Europe before the Shoah, only some 150.000 survived (In Poland of about 1 million only about 6.000 survived.) Habricha movement organized finding and collecting from the streets, hiding holes and from Monasteries and Christian families, that saved them during the war. The Bricha set up “children homes” where they were taken care of physically, emotionally, and academically. They were then illegally brought to Eretz Yisrael, to help them regain some of their lost childhood.

A virtual Journey in Europe following the Bricha Movement trail

We will virtually visit towns in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Germany, France, and Italy and tell the stories of incredible, daring, ingenious, illegal HaBricha Movement operations that took place there.

Dr. Miri Nehari

Founder of “Habricha Legacy Association”

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English, Hebrew

I was born and raised in Kibbutz Alonim, In Israel.
My father, Zvi Netzer, was sent as Mossad leAlia B’s emissary to serve as head of Habricha Movement in Poland.
I am a clinical, educational, and medical psychologist. I worked as head of an educational clinic, in a mental hospital, as a chief psychologist in a children's oncology ward in a hospital and as a lecturer in the university in the educational counseling department School of Education.
When I retired, we founded the “Habricha Legacy Association”. The purpose and goal of the Association are to tell the story of this remarkable, courageous, audacious chapter in the modern history of the Jewish people.

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