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Yes, I can! … Creativity, Critical thinking and all in between

"If you want it's not a dream" (Theodor Herzl, "Visionary of the State of Israel").
With COVID-19 worldwide crises, business leaders and Individuals are scrambling to deal with a variety of challenges. The goal of the lecture is to raise inspiration, gain insights related changes in practices at present and post corona times. When reality surpasses imagination how can one create a new reality from the imagination? Do we have a blind spot about our ability? Unlock the power of creativity, expend horizons and flourish. Ambitious Target tool will be presented for step-by step progress.

Flourish or Perish – The 5E Model for Growth and Well-being

That is a story about a man called Hastings that was fined for being late in returning a DVD to Blockbuster store. That story, its relevancy to COVID-19 and our presentation will be discussed. Individuals and Businesses must be able to learn how to move faster, acting faster and more creative ways. The aim of presentation is to explore and shade light on the stories of companies that perish vs. those who flourish and some insights related changes in practices at post corona times. Analyzes will be based on the 5E model, using Theory Of Constraint (TOC) tools and their contribution for leading growth and well-being.

Entrepreneurial Holocaust survivors' and the Start-up nation– what do they know and we can learn?

"He who does not believe in miracles is unrealistic " (P.M David B.G).

How did all that started? How did they know what to do? What was the personal drive and what legacy do they leave us? What was the seed money? At the lecture I will present insights from working with
entrepreneurial holocaust survivors. Guide-lines for learning from experience and cultural characteristics that enabled the grow of start-up nation.

Dr. Shoshi Reiter

Personal and Organizational Creative Leadership

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English, Hebrew

Dr. Reiter is the owner of the Reiter Center for Personal and Organizational Crearive Leadership LeadTOC. She believes that the human resource is one of the most important resources for all countries. She is focusing on leading people through processes and achieving results in business and education systems and personal development. Coaching managers for wellbeing, communication skills and effectiveness. She developed the 5E model for Entrepreneurship and Well-being that creates holistic body of knowledge for running organizations and personal growth.

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