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HDROR LI-VKHOR (The Sparrow to Choose)

A Warrior's Journey - In 2005 I was wounded in the army, underwent a long and intensive rehabilitation process and two years later I came back to life. But a few years later I started to develop post-trauma symptoms and went through a severe mental crisis. The crisis lasted for about a decade, but after a lengthy and intense process, I chose to live.
Today I am a fitness trainer, I have my own club, creator, writer. and lectures on coping with post-trauma. In the lecture I talk about my struggle, about coping with crises in life, and how you can grow out of difficulty.

Dror Zicherman

My injury is a gift for me

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English, Hebrew

Dror is single, born in 1985, lives in Tel Aviv. Dror served as an infantry soldier in the Nachson Battalion, as part of the Kfir Unit.
Dror served most of his army service in the area of the Arab city of Tul Karem.
Dror was wounded in 2005 during the Hanukkah holiday, after stopping a suicide bomber at a border checkpoint in South Tul Karem, who was on his way to kill as many Israelis possible during a concert.
The terrorist exploded himself at the checkpoint. His commanding officer, Uri Binamo z”l was killed and Dror was severely injured.
Today Dror lives in Tel Aviv and works as a gym instructor.

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