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"inside the Mossad" - documentary, dozens of former agents from the Mossad reveal their top-secret operations

Behind the scenes of the television series, he directed on the Mossad.

Duki Dror

Director, "Inside the Mossad"

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English, Hebrew

Dror is the director on the TV Mini-Series 'Inside the Mossad' (2017). Dror's films have been internationally recognized at numerous festivals.
In 2006, Dror's film about the Vietnamese boat people who immigrated to Israel, The Journey of Vaan Nguyen, was the opening film at EBS Film Festival in Seoul and received the Remi Award at Houston Worldfest.
Dror is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago.
In 2012, Dror's film on German-Jewish architect Erich Mendelsohn's Incessant Visions received the Golden Award at the International Art Book and Film Festival in France. Partner with Enemy (2014) the winner of the Golden Panda Award for a long documentary at Sichuan Television Festival.

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