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Rabin's assassination - a chronicle of operational failures

A lecture dealing with the dramatic event of Rabin's assassination from a security perspective.
How did the murderer Yigal Amir manage to overcome all the security circles and assassinate the number 1 secured personnel of the ISA's Personal Security Unit?
Who is the unknown person in the swimsuit who was present at the scene of the murder and even suspected Yigal Amir?
Was there any preliminary information about the intention of the murder?
Answers to all these questions and more will be given in a lecture in which testimonials, pictures and voices that are not known to the public and which shed light on the chain of events will be revealed. Sharing the events on the night of 4/11/1995 - minute by minute until the murder itself.
The lecture is of 70 min and is accompanied by a presentation.

Ehud Gol

Former ISA

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Ehud Gol served six years as an officer in the IDF, and after his army service joined the ISA ("Shabak").
After a career of over twenty years, he retired and in recent years has been lecturing in the fields of society and security.
Since his retirement, he has been researching and giving lectures on Rabin's assassination. During the preparation of the lecture, Ehud discovered archive materials unknown to the public and which were used by the Shamgar Commission that investigated the murder.
Ehud is married + 3 and lives in a moshav in the Sharon area, Israel.

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