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The Mossad and popular culture

The Israeli Mossad and army and its attempts to influences its image in popular culture.

Political caricatures

The war against political caricatures in the past and today.

Eli Eshed

The history of espionage

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English, Hebrew

Eli Eshed is a well-known journalist and researcher of the history of espionage, the military, the war with crime and terror, and the way it was presented in Israel. He spent considerable time and effort analyzing the Israeli pulp magazines and paperbacks and comics of the 1950s and 1960s. In 2002 Eli published From Tarzan to Zbeng about the pulp literature of Israel. This book became a bestseller. In 2003 Eshed had published with the leading and best known Israeli comics artist Uri Fink. The book The Golem: A Story of an Israeli Comicbook.
Today he is a journalist, blogger and editor of the cloture magazine online 'Yekum Tarbut'.

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