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How did I bring my daughter-in-law to Israel without even knowing

Writing, cooking and spying- three different expressions of creativity

Decision making under uncertainty and time pressure

Eli Matsree

Former Mossad agent

Location Mark



English, Spanish, French, Hebrew

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1944. 'Aliya' to Israel 1949. Temporary camps (ma’abara) and then grew up in Tel Aviv (Neve Zedeq)and then moved to Bat Yam. Graduate of Hashmonaym high school. Graduate of the Hebrew University (psychology and literature). Served in the army and participated in the six days war, the war of attrition, the Yom Kippur War, and the First Lebanon War. 20 years in education as a teacher, high school principal, and head of the education department at Tel Mond and at SHOHAM municipalities.
Served in the 'Mossad' for 24 years in Uk, Mexico, and France and took part in many clandestine operations and also in bringing the Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Publications: 2 poem books (1969, 1971),
and a short story book (2018 “Here, now and far away).

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