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"The Face of Anti-Semitism"

The lecture I give deals with anti-Semitism and the launching point between its various issues.
In my view, anti-Semitism is a unique phenomenon that has never changed, it has only changed its form. To the surprise of the audiences in the lectures, the anti-Semitism they know and are exposed to in the media is not exactly the same. There are layers and types of anti-Semitism that I expand on.
In recent years I have been privileged to share with diverse audiences my insights from many years of researching the phenomenon. The lecture "The Face of Anti-Semitism" is not theoretical, it is intriguing and kicking and I will present an interesting approach to anti-Semitism combined with rigid definitions along with many examples of understanding the problems, fronts and solutions to anti-Semitism and occasionally incorporate a sense of humor that will dispel the horror.

Eli Nahum

Antisemitism advisor

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

I served as an Antisemitism researcher at the Prime Minister's Office in Israel. For the last 17 years, I have been researching the antisemitism phenomenon.
As part of my research work, I set up and edited the: CFCA - (The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism) website that brought together all the news and antisemitic events that occurred in the world.
As I retire from state jobs, I continue my research work, serves as an antisemitism advisor to the World Zionist Organization, and currently coordinating the information on a site called Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide.

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