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"Embrace the enemy"

The story of the "Good Neighbor" project - the reasons and challenges of its establishment, the encounter with the Syrian population, civilian aid operations - caring for sick children, establishing a field clinic across the border, rescuing the "white helmets" and more.

Partnerships as the "cornerstone" of the "Good Neighbor" project

How to build trust between two parties, between which there is a significant abyss of suspicion, fear and even hatred. This lecture can be extended by adding content that deals with setting up a project from its very first stage like creative thinking, team building and more.

The Shiite Axis and the Challenges of the Northern Border

A Geopolitical Security Review. How the Iranian threat is approaching the Israeli border, taking advantage of processes in the Middle East such as the Syrian civil war and how this threat is bringing normalization with Sunni countries such as the United Arab Emirates closer.

Eyal Dror

Lieutenant Colonel (res.) , founder & Commander of the "Good Neighbor" project

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English, Hebrew, Arabic

Served in the IDF for 24 years, the majority of which in coordination units working with the Palestinian population. In 2016 I established and commanded the "Good Neighbor" Unit, whose management the humanitarian assistance to Syrian civilians, victims of the civil war.
Under his command, he carried out some 700 humanitarian aid operations on a hostile border controlled by terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Hizballah.
In collaboration with Christian and Muslim organizations, he had shaped a different reality across the border and created, for the first time, an independent encounter between Syrian citizens who have been educated for decades to hate Israelis.

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