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Benjamin Netanyahu: Political and Diplomatc Doctrine

Bemjamin Netanyahu: the most influential statesman in Israel during the last three and a half decades: as ambassador to the United Nations, as opposition leader and as Prime Minister.
You can like Netanyahu or you can dislike him, but first you should get to know him!
If you know how to answer correctly on these two questions you can skip the lecture:
Does Benjamin Netanyahu support a Palestinian State or is he against it?
Does Benjamin Netanyahu hold a rightwing ideology or a left one?
If not, this lecture id for you!
A fascinating, witty and funny lecture. JUST FACTS!

‘Capturing America – The American Political System’

The USA is Israel’s strategic ally, as such it important for Israelis to understand how the American political system works so we can understand who and how decisions are made in the US. Not less important is for Israelis to know the various players in the American political system understanding the relations between the players and identifying ahead of time future processes that have a direct/indirect effect on Israel.

‘Jewish American or American Jews’

The Jewish American community is by far the largest Jewish diaspora in the world. The American Jewry is an important player, with a lot of power and influence. The lack of real familiarity causes a lack of communication that may cause serious misunderstandings in a number of issues (Reform/Conservative Praying in the Western Wall plaza, The ‘Conversion Dilemma’ and so forth). It is time for Israelis to get to know their brothers-sisters, their real partners’.

Gilad Katz

Former Advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin

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English, Hebrew

The Cconsul General of Israel to the Southwest – USA & former Advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Married to Merav - parents of five children.
Bachelor and Master degree in Political Science – Mass Communication & Bachelor degree in General History.
Served as Political reporter for Makor Rishon Newspaper (2001-2009)
Advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as his Hebrew speech writer & the Head of the Public Affairs Department (2010-2017).
Consul General of Israel to the Southwest – USA (2017-2021).
Served in the Paratrooper Brigade in the 202nd battalion.
An expert on American politics, American Jewry & Israel-USA Relationship.
Engaged with Non-Jewish American pro-Israel organizations who support Israel.

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