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-> Cracking the code of the Mossad

What is the "right stuff" for the Mossad and Israel's most elite units? How do they achieve peak performance and how can we apply this in our lives? This lecture offers a peek behind the scenes and sparks your imagination. After 30 years in the field and as head of special forces psychology, Glenn Cohen has cracked the code and pioneered the "E.L.I.T.E." model which details the five core elements which enable leaders and teams to perform like an elite unit.
In this intriguing lecture, Glenn shares from his unique experience, reveals what makes the elite operatives tick, how they achieve the seemingly impossible, and how you can too.

-> "Pushing the envelope" - Secrets of an Ultra Ironman

How do endurance athletes push the envelope without tearing it? How far do you want to push yourself?
Glenn Cohen only started running at the age of 40, but soon found himself running 80-mile races, completing ironman competitions, and leading the Israeli adventure racing team on a 500km race across Africa while raising funds for charities. Glenn reveals the secrets of ultra-marathon runners and ironman athletes, showing how it's not about the physical endurance. It's about daring to dream, believing in ourselves, and discovering that we're all capable of overcoming obstacles and accomplishing much more than we imagine.
You will walk away from this talk feeling inspired and with a new belief regarding what is possible for you and others.

Glenn Cohen

Former Mossad officer and Chief Psychologist

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English, Hebrew

Glenn spent his entire life serving in the most elite military and intelligence units in the world, as a fighter, healer, and trainer. He served over 30 years as an Israel Air Force pilot, hostage negotiator, Mossad operative, and special forces psychologist. In his last position, he served as the chief of special forces psychology in the Mossad.
Since retiring from the Mossad he founded Go Beyond- Transformational Training, where he shares his E.L.I.T.E. method with individuals and corporate groups who would like to operate as an elite team.
In his free time, he pushes the envelope as an accomplished adventure racer, ultramarathon runner and ironman.

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