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The media challenge in Arabic- Israeli presence in the international Arab media networks

Barhum Golan presents the difficult challenges facing an Israeli commentator in the Arab media: winning arguments/terminology.

"From the Mufti of Jerusalem to Tehran"- the attitude of the Arab world to Israel. Political / religious / economic Analysis

Barhum presents a political overview and presents the changes in relation to Israel: changes in alliances, cross-border interests with religious tension.

"Between acceptance and denial" - Holocaust denial in the Palestinian Authority

The extent to which the Palestinian Authority recognizes the Jewish Holocaust - educational and propaganda aspects.

Golan Barhum

lecturer and commentator in Arabic

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

Barhum Golan is a guest commentator in the Arabic media. Over the years he has participated in international channels in the Arabic language in political commentary with media rivals from the Arab world. Barhum also appears on Internet channels in Arabic and he has an open media dialogue with the Arab world.
Barhum is a lecturer in "Arabic Media Group".
Barhum is a research fellow at the Center for International Communication (CIC) in Bar Ilan University and he is also a member of the International Center for Public Israeli diplomacy (CPDH).
Currently, Barhum is studying toward Ph.D. in Middle Eastern studies at Bar Ilan University.

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