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Operation Finale - MGM film

The personal point of view of an international film actor who played one of the Mossad agents of Operation Finale in the film. On the world of cinema versus the real world. The lecture can be combined with Avner Avraham, a former Mossad agent and expert on Operation Finale.

Greg Hill

Movie actor

Location Mark

Los Angels



Greg Hill is a Los Angeles resident who was born and raised in Southern California. He started acting at a young age and has been doing it professionally for over a decade. In 2011 a film he was in, entitled The Wolfman’s Hammer was released. The filmmaker, Chris Weitz saw the picture and helped Greg get his start in the industry and subsequently cast him in his film, Operation Finale where he starred alongside Oscar Isaac and Sir Ben Kingsley. From there, Greg went on to do multiple projects in television and in film. Greg is not only an actor, but a painter, writer, musician, and songwriter. In his leisure time he enjoys spending time with his daughter. Greg’s philosophy is simple; we are on this planet to learn and love. Often times you can find him driving down an empty road whilst holding a debate with himself, in the attempt to discover which Side of the argument is the impetus for his intention.

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