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'From Enemy to informer'

The art of collaboration and motivating people against all odds. A unique and fascinating lecture on the connection between an Israeli intelligence operator and his sources.
The lecture provides tools, tips, and skills such as persuasion, building trust and commitment, motivating people, leadership, and more.

Guy Chen

Former human intelligence officer

Location Mark



English, Arabic, Hebrew

After six years of service as a soldier and commander in an elite infantry brigade and combat in Gaza and Lebanon, I enlisted to the Israeli intelligence in 1998. But nothing could have prepared me for the tasks, challenges, complexities, and the sights during my service as a human intelligence officer for over two decades. I took an integral part in preventing numerous terror attacks throughout my career, by recruiting and cultivating human sources.
I hold a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and a master's degree in Political Science.
Owner of ULYSSES, a company that specializes in detecting and preventing business loss of companies and businesses.

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