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The day after Covid-19 - Israel adapting to a new National Security

Covid-19 has shuffled the world cards as well as the regional ones. What are the old dangers, and the new opportunities, as we are confronted on a personal, national, and regional level?

"The Bold Pope" - An Extraordinary Friendship with the Head of the Christian Throne, Pope Francis

What is Pope Francis' contribution to condemning violence in the name of God? How did He become one of the most influential leaders in the world? And how did Henrique Cymerman find himself inside the Pope's personal chambers?

"The revolutionary women who change the reality of life"

A look into a series of revolutionary women who change the reality of life - Lisa Miara who saves the lives of women and children on a daily basis in Northern Iraq from ISIS; the terrorist Erin Ahmad who repented and became a pro-dialogue activist; Zaina bin Laden, the bride of Osama bin Laden; and more!

Henrique Cymerman

President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Gulf States

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English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew

Henrique Cymerman is a world-famous journalist for the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Israel. A lecturer in 5 languages, covering current affairs in the Middle East for 30 years, and has established relationships of trust with chief regional political leaders in Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, and the extended Arab world. Nominated "Comendador" in his native Portugal and Spain by the King and President, a nobility title, Pope Francis nominated him his "Angel of Peace", and candidate to Nobel Peace Prize for the "Prayer for Peace" in the Vatican.
President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel - Gulf States, Author of "Voices from the center of the World".

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