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Digital trends are all around us, they affect every aspect of our lives, from the way we live and work
to the way we communicate or educate our kids.
For The last decade digital transformation has been happening all around us at an accelerated rate
to the point which it seems everything is being transformed or disrupted.
How will these changes affect our lives? Our work? Our health?
This Digital Trends lecture will shed some light on some of the most exciting technologies which are
currently changing our lives:
Voice recognition – voice recognition has already taken a place in our lives and many homes
around the world already hold smart voice assistants, lets meet Siri and Alexa and see how we can
use them to make our lives more comfortable and productive.
Artificial intelligence – AI is currently the most promising yet most dangerous technology out there,
it is already being used in many aspects of our lives. Will machines finally be able to think and learn
by themselves? What professions will they render obsolete? Will AI replace us?

Digital Productivity

Taking digital productivity to the next level.
In our everyday lives we deal with large numbers of tasks and chores, this overload creates a never-
ending stress which affects our lives, lowers our productivity, creativity and can even affect our
Fortunately for us technology is here to help. Today we have the choice of an endless number of
apps which can help us organize our lives and deal with the stress of getting things done.
This workshop will focus on Digital Productivity methodologies which enables us to deal with large
number of tasks while diminishing stress levels and making sure we never forget a thing.
While focusing on the methodology this lecture will introduce recommended digital productivity
apps and the correct way to use them to be hyper productive.

Idan Papier

Director of New Shiny Things

Location Mark



English, Israel

Director of New Shiny Things, Idan Papier is a digital transformation expert working with
organizations to enhance their productivity and digital skills.
Idan is a tech enthusiast and lives a fully digital life using advanced technologies such as
virtual and augmented reality, IOT, wearable technology, drones, and voice recognition in his
everyday life.
Living in Israel, Idan's home is packed with more than 100 connected devices, 3 voice Assistants, 3 kids and one very digitally tolerant wife and is always used as a testing ground for new shiny things.
Idan's virtual home is located where he constantly explores new digital trends and the best ways to use them.

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