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What lies behind the Hijab?

A fascinating journey following women’s dress codes in the Islamic world in the eyes of Arab caricaturists. What does Muslim ‘Sharia’ Law have to say about it? What is the difference between boys and girls in traditional Muslim society? We will examine different types of veils and discover that the Hijab is far more than just an item of clothing.

Bride and groom - Mabrouk!

What is the connection between love and marriage in Islam? A traditional marriage or one of choice? Why, according to Muslim 'Sharia' law, must one get married? Arab caricaturists criticize customs and traditions within their own society. An experiential lecture peppered with humor and Arab sayings about women and marriage.

Idit Bar

Lecturer on Arab society and culture

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

With an MA in Arabic and Islam from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Idit Bar is an expert in Middle Eastern affairs. She writes a weekly blog on caricatures from the Arabic press. Idit taught Arabic for many years in defense-related establishments and at Israel’s Open University, and as an Education Ministry inspector in the Languages Dept., she has written and edited textbooks on Arabic and Islam. She writes a regular weekly newspaper column entitled “Window to the Arab world” that sheds light on events in the Middle East as seen through the eyes of Arab caricaturists. She lectures on Arab society and culture and the status of women.

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