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Since the early 2000s, Israel has engaged in covert operations against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, allegedly employing assassinations, sabotage, cyber-attacks, and more -- including a spectacular heist on Iranian soil -- to counter the threat of a nuclear-capable Islamic Republic. An action-packed look at how Israel’s spy agency Mossad has led this fight - based on Ilan’s book “Target Tehran”. Publisher’s Weekly:” Drawing on interviews with Mossad officials, the authors’ well-paced narrative steeps readers in intricate spy craft and high-wire diplomacy, making these events feel like a true-life James Bond mission that’s carefully calibrated to shape American foreign policy and Middle East geopolitics. The result is an engrossing look at one of the most effective covert-ops projects of recent times.”


A fascinating look at decades of covert ties between Israel and Arab states, the secret behind-the-scenes diplomacy that led to the breakthrough Abraham Accords, and if and when Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries will break the ice and go public on their ties with Israel.

Ilan Evyatar

Author and journalist

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English, Hebrew

Ilan Evyatar is the author of ‘Target Tehran,’ a history -- running right up to almost the present day -- of how Mossad has employed sabotage, assassinations, and cyberwarfare in an attempt to thwart Iran's nuclear weapons program, and how the agency played a role in leveraging mutual fear of Iran to forge alliances with Gulf Arab states. Kirkus Reviews has called ‘Target Tehran’ “key reading for those interested in geopolitical issues.” He is a former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Report magazine and a former news director and senior columnist for The Jerusalem Post.

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