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Challenges in Israeli Foreign Policy

Using the backdrop of global geopolitical events including the war in Ukraine, the courtship between Russia and Iran, the US showdown vs. China, the rise of Antisemitism worldwide and other shifts and trends, Ambassador Mor will provide commentary and analysis of the principles guiding current and past Israeli governments in shaping Israeli foreign policy. This analysis will touch upon the most relevant events and challenges facing Israel in 2023, with Iran’s nuclear capabilities at the top of this list.

The Lessons of the Holocaust and Antisemitism Throughout History

The Holocaust, Shoah, did not begin or end in Auschwitz. Its roots can be found in stones thrown at Jewish-owned stores, harassment of Jewish citizens, violent offenses in Jewish neighborhoods and deeply-entrenched bigotry and xenophobia. Ambassador Mor will discuss the connection between Antisemitism throughout history and the Holocaust, the lessons that Jews today and modern Western society can learn from the Holocaust, and the rise of the new wave of Antisemitism today and what it means for Europe and the West.

Theodor Herzl as a Pivotal Zionist Leader

A portrait of Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl, the visionary of the State of Israel, is displayed in the Israeli parliament. The painting tells the personal story of Herzl, which is interwoven with the stories of the Zionist movement and the Jewish people. It also tells the tale of a unique evolution of one man’s personal vision and the political reality in which he existed as the first Jewish entrepreneur.

Ilan Mor

Former Israeli Ambassador

Location Mark



English, German, Hebrew

Throughout my 40 years of service in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a career diplomat, I have been posted as Ambassador of Israel to Croatia, Ambassador of Israel to Hungary, Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Germany and Deputy Ambassador of Israel to China among other posting abroad.
I have served under various Israeli governments and have spoken to many of global citizens about Israel’s geopolitical strategy, history, culture, innovation and vision.
I have a BA in Government Studies and an MA in International Relations, both from Tel Aviv University.

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