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To be one of the world’s leading adventure guides

Inge Solheim is famous for base-jumping off one of the lowest points ever attempted in Oslo, flying fighter jets in Russia and racing to the South Pole.
This former pizza restaurateur and stockbroker from Norway, has also inspired others with his philosophies and eternal optimism.
Solheim recently led the Walking with the Wounded expedition, which saw wounded soldiers including amputees trekking to the North Pole.

Inge Solheim


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English, Norsk

Inge grew up in a small nested village of Norway. He early developed a passion for exploring remote areas and learned to appreciate the physical and mental disciplines for living in the wilderness. Considered to be one of the world-leading adventure guides, he is best known for leading the Walking With The Wounded expeditions to the North and South Poles with Prince Harry. He featured in TV series which were shown in over 60 countries worldwide and was also a key figure in the global media story for his own expeditions. Inge has produced his own TV series, North Pole Ice Airport. He is a full-time ambassador for Breitling.

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