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The world after the Islamic State (ISIS) – The Shia challenge

So they say that ISIS is dead…
Right at the beginning of the lecture, we'll realize that the rumors of ISIS's death were premature. We will see how ISIS Jihadists are waiting for the right time to strike again, but right now, like us all, they are stunned by the strengthening of Shiite Muslims in the Middle East, who operate under the auspices of Iran. Itai Anghel, the winner of the Sokolov Prize for journalism, was in Syria when Qasem Soleimani, the most important general of Iran was eliminated by the US.
He will take us through exclusive documentary footage through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Russia, to understand the new distribution of power in our neighborhood.
Dynamic maps will illustrate how Iran's sending long arms reaching our borders, how it manipulates Hezbollah, and how this is going to affect Israel’s next war.
Who are the Shiites? Will Iran succeed in making a historical Shiite revolution in the Middle East? How does it plan to topple the regime in Saudi Arabia, its greatest enemy?
We'll also understand why Putin's Russia cooperates with the Shiites and invests so much in retaining Assad's rule in Syria.
Itai Anghel is the only Israeli reporter covering conflicts in the Middle East and the world for over 28 years. He will bring us an updated situation report about the rising new forces in our neighborhood and the dismantling of the Middle East map we had known.

The unexpected war correspondent - A personal lecture

Dealing with seemingly impossible situations.
(The lecture is also intended for companies and executives who try to think out of the box.)
"All the signs tell you: Don't go anywhere near there. It's impossible. It will end very badly for you. No chance you'll get out of there safely. But you do decide to go. And think differently than everyone else. Achieve things others haven't.
In the lecture, Itai Anghel reveals the behind the scenes of his work in conflict areas such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Bosnia, Rwanda, Congo, Gaza, ISIS areas and more.
The lecture discusses the need to think differently, both technically and psychologically, and explains why behavior that appears to be irrational and contradictory to all instincts, is the only solution both for survival and for a breakthrough and success.
How as an Israeli, he enters places Israelis are unwelcomed to, and how he functions well among Jihadists, Sunnis, Shiites, Talibans, and other militias. The lecture is about working alone without a crew, about the situations he found himself in, coping with threats and fear, colleagues who were killed just beside him, the need to improvise and think out of the box, and the dilemmas arising in such difficult and explosive regions.
His lecture is accompanied by exclusive documentary footage from deep inside these war zones.

The Kurds – Reshaping the Middle East

In recent years, the Kurds are becoming one of the most surprising and fascinating forces in the Middle East. They managed to defeat ISIS and create states and territories for themselves in North Iraq and North Syria. Their guerrilla force is the only military force in the world where women and men are completely equal in the fighting forces.
The Kurds, over 35 million people, are the largest group of people on earth who have no state of their own. In the aftermath of the revolutions in the Middle East and the disintegration of the countries we had known, the Kurds managed for the first time, to attain huge territories within states that oppressed and massacred them for years.
In light of their past and of their aspirations for the future, they feel they share a similar fate with the Jewish people, which suffered the Holocaust and managed to rise up and establish a state. Since the Jewish success serves as an inspiration, they study the history of Israel and the Jewish people, and in the front, facing ISIS in Syria and Iraq, we can hear them talking about Jewish philosophers and scientists.
The state of Israel helped Kurd fighters in the past, but the relations are more strained today since Israel’s military cooperation with Turkey – the Kurds' greatest enemy – endangers their continued existence.
Itai Anghel, the winner of the Sokolov Prize for journalism, has spent time with Kurd forces in Iraq and Syria since the beginning of their struggle up until today. His lecture is accompanied by exclusive documentation of their struggle against ISIS and their special relations with Israel and the Jewish people.

Itai Anghel

Correspondent and Documentary filmmaker

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Itai Anghel, who won the 'Sokolov Prize' - the highest award for journalism in Israel - is the most profound war correspondent in Israel. Anghel has covered dozens of conflict zones in the past 30 years and he is the only Israeli who has been documenting ISIS from within.
He is known for his unique ability to deeply and fearlessly explore the most dangerous hot-spots on earth, while intimately connecting with all parties involved. Given that most conflicts are in regions hostile to Israel, his presence there as an Israeli is extremely dangerous.
Anghel works in the Israeli TV for the program 'UVDA' (The Israeli equivalent of CBS’ ‘60 Minutes’).

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