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Live from Thahrir Square

The Arab world has undergone dramatic changes in the last decade. The lecture explains the process that the Arab countries went through, and focuses on one of the founding moments of this process - the Egyptian revolution. Itai Vered was the first Israeli journalist to arrive in Egypt to cover the revolution. He tells (with original videos) how he had captured with his camera the moments when a revolution was born – next to Giza mosque, where demonstrations became a revolution and the following events that led to the fall of Moubarac.
The lecture also draws a line between the Egyptian revolution and the current situation in the Middle East - the war in Syria, the rise of ISIS, the road from the Arab Spring to the Islamic winter, and recent demonstrations in Lebanon and Iraq.

Tsunami – 14 days of rescue in the heart of the Mediterranean

A UN report states that the world is in the midst of the most serious humanitarian crisis since World War II. The migrant crisis is changing the nature of Europe politically, demographically, and socially. Itai Vered spent 14 days on the only rescue vessel that operated in the harsh winter to rescue migrant boats, north of Tripoli, Libya. The lecture describes (with videos) the daring rescue operations during storms and waves, and brings the stories of the migrants - Human trafficking from Africa by smugglers operating from Libya, the difficult journey made by refugees from Syria to Libya and from there to the Mediterranean, the stories of the rescuers - people from fifteen different countries, and the hardships of life on a rescue vessel under threats of pirates, the Libyan coast guard, and winter storms. Also given a broad summary of the refugee crisis.

The art of Documentary Journalism

Telling a story is an art. Telling a story with a camera – is a more complicated art. For almost 2 decades Itai Vered specializes in documentary reports from different places around the globe – from the jungles of Papua New Guinea and Uganda to the heart of the Mediterranean, from war zones to beautiful nature reserves, from worldwide events like the Olympic Games and World Cup to personal stories. Vered usually works as a one-man crew – filming, recording, and narrating his items. In the lecture, he reveals the secrets of storytelling and shares the moments behind the camera of well-known events.

Itai Vered

Documentary journalist

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

After serving as an officer and working in Uzbekistan, organizing international tennis tournaments, Vered worked for one of Israel’s secret services.
He began his journalistic career in the program ‘Uvda’, then moved to Channel 1 and later to Channel 10 as a documentary reporter and anchorman of news, science, and travel programs.
He is known for being a special emissary to worldwide events such as the revolution in Egypt, tsunami in Japan, earthquake in Nepal, and for his special reports about rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean, ISIS from the Syria-Turkey border, the lost tribes of Papua New Guinea, the Tham Luang rescue in Thailand, and more.

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