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Protective Security for new ultra-high-net-worth persons and families

The transition often rapidly, to billionaire comes with many channelenges and lifestyle changes. Having supported multiple new billionaire's this talk discusses some of the successes to follow and pitfalls to avoid when measuring and managing risk to the new billionaire.

Increasing security efficiency whilst decreasing security footprint

Corporate leaders and UNHW persons often require effective risk mitigation measures, but are adverse to a high footprint and high profile solution. This talk examines the various strategies and tactics to safeguard them.

Measuring ROI on security measures

The almost age-old adage of difficulty in measuring security ROI is ever present. This however is possible. This talk examines both a qualitative and quantitative approach to measuring return on investment of risk mitigation measures and how, if implemented correctly, they enable business as opposed to hamper business.

Ivor Terret

Enablement Advisor

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Ivor Terret, is based in Israel, where he founded Enablement Advisors, a boutique risk management consultancy. Upon leaving national service in the IDF and Israeli Police, Ivor was selected to help found and architect a government Surveillance Detection and Covert Security Unit.
In addition to almost three decades of operations and leadership in both public and private sectors, Ivor holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester where he was awarded the Dissertation of the Year Award for his research. Ivor was the elected Chairperson of the ASIS Israel Chapter for year 2016 through 2019.

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