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The business of covert

How to walk the line between keeping the “tools” secret yet offering them for sale. How to identify the
challenges and develop the solutions. Building the maximum out of the minimum.

Security solutions

The challenges and rewards of providing security solutions in an underfunded environment. Dealing with day-to-day situations on an active front. The challenges of repairing a community after incident with death and wounds, both visible and not.

Jeff Jaffe

Designer of covert equipment and former security coordinator with in-person experience in terrorist incidents

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English, Hebrew

Jaffe was born in the USA and at age 19 moved to a kibbutz on Israel’s northern border. Served as a lone soldier in an IDF combat unit. After his military service he was appointed to be the security coordinator for his kibbutz, which was in the “hottest” area of Israel at that time. Rockets, mortars, and terrorist incursions were an ongoing reality. Since returning to live in the US, Jaffe has run a business which
designs, develops, and manufactures specialized tools for undercover and covert operations. He has worked with military and government agencies in the US and around the world to provide unique solutions for personal security and survival.

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