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Operation Anthropoid 1942; The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

There is simply no-one better to tell the story! John has thoroughly researched the subject for over 40 years and received a number of awards in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including last year being presented to the President of Slovakia.
John interviewed Heydrich’s war time gardener, the families of the soldiers who took part in the mission and even the only interview ever given by Heydrich’s son
John has followed the trail more than anyone and has even been hired as a tour guide by the British Embassy for a conference of Special Forces.
John’s reputation amongst scholars of Anthropoid is world renown.

Public Enemy Number One, John Dillinger

Dillinger and his gang terrorised the Midwest, stealing from banks and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Dillinger famously escaped from Crown Point Jail probably using a wooden gun
John Martin has travelled extensively following the routes and history of John Dillinger and his gang and will talk forever on the subject and the results of his research.

Baby Face Nelson

The diminutive hoodlum and killer, was said to even strike fear in to fellow gang members. Once a part of the Dillinger gang of bank robbers, Nelson killed 3 FBI agents. John Martin knows the subject matter inside out, making many research trips on Nelson’s trail and even being in regular contact with the descendants of Nelson.

John Martin


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Though John is by profession a UK stand-up comedian, he has rapidly become a tour de force in the history world. His first book, The Mirror Caught The Sun really broke down walls in the story of Operation Anthropoid, the incredible killing of Nazi monster Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 in Prague. It presented much new information, including the first and only ever interview with Heydrich’s son, Heider Heydrich. John received the Silver Medal of the Slovakia Ministry of Defence for his research and promotion of the history. He was also involved in the blockbuster movie of the subject, Anthropoid. His follow up book is called Ambushed, featuring six bloody chapters in history!

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