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Magic and Intelligence - a wonderful partnership

What do Harry Houdini and James Bond have in common?

The world of magic and the world of espionage are both associated with deception. Magic and Intelligence - a wonderful partnership focuses on the surprising link between magic and intelligence-gathering and explains why the human brain is so susceptible to deception and how the world's leading espionage services are harnessing the principles of magic in their aid. During the 90-minute long lecture, you will discover how the sawing-an-assistant-in-half trick served CIA officers during the Cold War and learn how an innocent object like a thimble can be a powerful tool in covering your tracks.

You are in for a fascinating experience that is simply... magical.

Julio Pitlik

Trainer and Magician, 45 years of magical training

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English, Spanish, Hebrew

Julio Pitlik has devoted 40 years of his career for 'creative doing'; a veteran trainer, Julio has trained generations of trainers all around the globe and developed numerous 'Learning by Doing' interactive workshops aimed at training senior staff. An expert consultant, he has provided professional counsel to organizations in the business, security and intelligence sectors.
In his (rare) spare time, Julio enjoys learning and performing magic tricks.

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