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About her film:
'Volevo solo vivere' (2006)

Nine Italian citizens survive deportation and internment in the Auschwitz death camps. Nine stories through which we follow the most significant events of this harrowing experience: the enactment of the racial laws in Italy, the futile escape attempts, the deportation, the separation from other family members, the miraculous survival in Auschwitz, and liberation with the arrival of the allied soldiers. Words that we may not be hearing for the first time, but which narrate the many aspects of these tragic accounts: from the most intimate and personal to the more well-known and cruel. These individuals, through their testimonies, are not afraid to reveal feelings of tenderness and compassion, as well as moments of happiness.

Laurence Hoffmann

Film Producer

Location Mark

New York


German, French, Italian, English

With a degree at the Phil.Hist University of Bern, and with a passionate commitment to social issues, Laurence dedicated her career to working with filmmakers, artists and musicians. In 2005 she created Wildside Media, based in Switzerland. Her first film project was “I only wanted to live”. Ever since, she has created and promoted projects with her WsM, as well worked with MonteCinemaVerita’ Foundation (in support of the film industries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America as well as Eastern Europe), Cinecitta’ Studios in Rome (to invite international productions) and the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada.

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