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Shadow in Baghdad

Shadow in Baghdad is a 2013 documentary film directed by Duki Dror. The film chronicles the story of Linda Abdul Aziz Menuhin, an Israeli citizen who fled her native Iraq in the 1970s, and her connection with a young Iraqi journalist who reaches out to her to help her trace the disappearance of her father in Iraq shortly after she fled the country. The film takes place between Israel, Iraq, and Jordan.
The film was first released in Haifa Film Festival [1] and was one of the reasons that led to the rise of public interest in Israel and around the world, in the story of the disappearance of Jews from Arab lands. The film was screened in the US Library of Congress in Washington with the opening of the exhibition of the Iraqi Jewish Archive in the National Archive.

Iraq & Israel

Linda Menuhin

Journalist and blogger in Arabic

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

Linda Menuhin Abdul Aziz Journalist and commentator, an Israeli peace activist, born in Iraq and fled to Israel in 1971. She has managed to reshape her future, rising from an Iraqi refugee, whose father has been abducted in Iraq without a trace, a successful career woman in Israel and mostly setting an example of tolerance and building bridges between people, be it on the ground or in the media. She has been awarded 3 prizes for her deeds. For the last 8 years she has been serving a consultant with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Arabic digital media.

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