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"From the Exodus, through Auschwitz to the Israeli StartUp Nation"

Innovation and optimism in the light of history, the inseparable connection between the story of Israelites through the ages and the endless entrepreneurship of the State of Israel today. The sanctification of human spirit bravery, as the public secret of the Jewish people. The tension between the desire to rule through religion, and the desire to impart knowledge. The ability to fight anti-Semitism now-a-days, without fighting at all.

"The meaning of Gvura, remember that we can all be heroes"

Glancing at life through proactive glasses, familiarity with the secrets of heroism of the human spirit and overcoming obstacles. Understanding that Gvura is not unique to the heroic, and can be a part of our daily life.

"Brave Together - how to assimilate the memory of the Holocaust within social actions"

The establishment of the Brave Together project, from an idea to practice, how to create an ecosystem of social actions that passes on the memory of the Holocaust. A small change of mind that can lead to a global change and connection between human beings, from Holocaust commemoration.

Lion Ben-Ness Vanunu

M&A Adv., Social entrepreneur, Brave Together Founder

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English, Hebrew

Lion is a high-tech M&A attorney by day, and a social entrepreneur by night, alongside huge deals and accompanying large companies in the Israeli economy, Lion leads national and global changes in the social arena.
Lion is Combat Company Commander in a Reserve Brigade, a graduate of the Integrated Law and Accounting Program at the Hebrew University, but above all, a "peripheral child" who, despite acting with large corporations, understands where he came from, and thus the obligation to connect parts of Israel and the world.
Lion founded the Brave Together project, a project that seeks to change world order in relation to Holocaust memory.

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