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Art of Escape, Magic, and immersive storytelling: The Museum as a Limitless Escape Game

In the past years, the concept of Immersive Storytelling has taken root in art and play, entering fields such as theatres, documentaries, games, and education. It breaks the barriers between spectator and media and to create a "real-life" experience – for amusement or instruction. Since the summer of 2017, six exciting immersive projects were created by Magus Cagliostro in collaboration with museums in Israel and Europe, in which the entire museum was turned into a magical, limitless escape game. Now, Cagliostro, an escape artist and magician, invites you to learn more about how to escape art, magic performance, and storytelling can be applied to the sphere of museum curating. In this limitless escape game, there is always more than meets the eye, and there is no one better to reveal that than a true magician.

To think like a magician

They say there is no one objective reality. That every person sees the world through their own eyes. Through their own worldviews, experiences, beliefs, and emotions. That no person can really see the world in the exact same way as another. But what if we told you that there is one person who can? That there is in fact a way to see the world through another person's eyes? To hear their thoughts, to experience their emotions, to understand their worldview, without them having to say a single word? Magus Cagliostro, the magician and mentalist, invites you to discover the mysterious world of mentalism. You are invited to participate in a magical, fascinating workshop, that combines a mentalism show and instruction. In this workshop, you will learn how to read other people's mind, and maybe even control their thoughts. And most importantly, you will discover that even in a world controlled by science and technology, there is still magic.

Magus Cagliostro

Performer of magic for festivals

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English, Hebrew

Magus Cagliostro is a writer, producer, and performer of magic for festivals, performances, and television shows. His recent activity includes specialization in the production and realization of escape rooms of all types, designed to entertain thousands of people. He has designed escape rooms for museums, incorporating historical narratives and art into fascinating and educational escape rooms for all ages.
Cagliostro teaches magic to both children and adults. He owns the Magus Academy, a school of magic with over 150,000 students of all ages, where he specializes in the merging of magic with technology.
Holds two Guinness world records for presiding over the largest lesson in history for the years 2012 and 2015.

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