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Journey of my life - from a child in Ethiopia to an IDF officer and fighter

From a 6-year-old Ethiopian boy, alone in Israel, at boarding school to a company commander in the Nachal brigade during second Lebanon War.

Major (Res.) Shlomi Bicha

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Shlomi, born in 1978, is married and lives in Kfar Vradim in northern Israel.
Shlomi served in the Nachal brigade. During the Second Lebanon War he served as a lieutenant colonel and led a combat force that entered a house in the village of Hula, which was full of ammunition. Terrorists ambushed them and he was seriously wounded in a shootout, finding himself alone until finally being evacuated.
After surgery to remove shrapnel and bullets from his leg and pelvis and year and a half long rehabilitation period, he began his return to full physical activity, including running.
After more than 17 years in the IDF, Shlomi works today as an inspector in a large construction company.

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