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Behind the scenes of 'Operation Brothers' to smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel

Television journalist, who documented the secret operations to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel from Sudan in the video. Despite the resolute veto of the head of the Mossad, he managed to be involved for over three years in these operations. The media he gathered was classified Top Secret in the Mossad archives for 25 years.
Raz continued to document the Mossad spec-ops and the result is an exciting eight-minute film shot in the Sudanese desert with a special night vision device.

Menashe Raz

Journalist & TV director

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English, Hebrew

Menashe Raz (born August 28, 1946) is a journalist, television director, editor, announcer, presenter and TV, and radio presenter. Editor and presenter of the "Press Conference" program on Channel 1.
For 35 years Raz served in a variety of senior positions at the Israel Broadcasting Authority, including editor and presenter on the Mabat nightly news broadcast, and more recently, after his retirement, as moderator of the Press Conference program, under a special contract.

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