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Between Reality and Fiction:

How are actual events reflected in my Spy-Novels. I describe actual events of the espionage world that I personally encountered or know of, and the way I adapted them into my books.

Mishka Ben-David

Former Mossad Senior and Author

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English, Hebrew

Mishka holds a doctorate in Hebrew literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His dissertation is entitled "The War of Independence: 1949-1958."
Between 1987-1999, he served in the Mossad in the field, intelligence, and command positions.
In 1997, During the failed Khalid Mashaal assassination attempt, he handed over to the Jordanians the antidote that saved Mashaal's life, by order of his commanders.
His service is reflected in his books "Duet in Beirut", "Encounter in Berlin", "Forbidden Love in Petersburg", "Last Visit to Moscow" and "Final stop, Algiers".
In 2003 he won the Prime Minister's Award for Hebrew Writers.

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