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What is the Struggle over Jerusalem all about?

Is the struggle over Jerusalem about territory? National rights? Religious issues? What is the relevance of Middle Ages stories and events for today's situation in Jerusalem?

What went wrong in the Middle East?

What are the core reasons for the dire situation of the Middle East? What is the role of anthropology, sociology and culture in current issues? How does the modern Arab state deal with the religious and social heritage of the society?

The roots of terror in the name of Islam

What pushes people to spread death in the name of their religion? What makes Muslims kill Muslims en-masse in the name of Allah? What is the mind-set if the Muslim terrorist?

Mordechai Kedar Ph.D

Israeli scholar of Arabic culture

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English, Arabic, Hebrew

Mordechai Kedar was born in Tel Aviv. His Polish-Jewish parents moved to the region of Palestine in the 1930s. Kedar's first language was Yiddish.
Kedar is a Religious Zionist and an expert in Israeli Arab culture. He served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic press and mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena.
He holds a Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University. He is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. He is described as "one of the few Arabic-speaking Israeli pundits seen on Arabic satellite channels defending Israel".

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