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Israeli Air Force helicopters

The Israeli Air Force helicopter set up, military operations & wars. Special operations in the Israeli Air Force helicopters.

Operations in Africa

Establish a helicopter array & operations for African Air Forces.

Uganda - anti-terrorist community

Uganda - Establishment of the anti-terrorist community in light of
Operation Entebbe (1976).

Moshe Edri

Pilot & Aviation Specialist

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Lt. Gen. Moshe Edri is a passionate and inspiring leader possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience.
Edri served in the IDF for 25 years as an Airborne mechanic, a commander, and a fighter in the Storm helicopters squadron, filling various roles within the Israeli Air-Force while gaining specialization in terror and combat transportation.
Upon retirement, he acted as CEO of KEA at Uganda for 10 years, and since 2017 – Today he is acting CEO of BELINCO, a company responsible for passenger aircraft maintenance, painting, and conversion to cargo aircraft.

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