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Is Israel able to stop the Iranian nuke?

The Islamic revolution in 1979 is the watershed of radical fundamentalist
Islam. Since the revolution, Iran has developed ambitions to return to the
great days of the Persian Empire, and for that reason it strives for hegemony
in the Middle East and thus threatens to destroy Israel.

What is the status of women under radical Islam?

Radical fundamentalist Islam carries with it severe discrimination against
women. In this lecture I will review the issue of the veil, and why it is so
essential. What is the Female genital mutilation, as well as about the struggle
of women under extremist regimes?

Europe lost? - Radical Islam and anti-Semitism on the continent

The French Revolution brought about a conflict between the Catholic Church
and the state. Since then, secularism has become a sacred value for the
French, but the massive Muslim immigration into Europe led to a clash
between the two civilizations: The Islamic one and France and the entire

Moshe Reuveny

Social entrepreneur and a lecturer to Politic, Military, National Security and Middle East

Location Mark



Hebrew, English

BA in political science and MA in international relations from Bar Ilan University. These days complete the thesis at Bar Ilan. Lecturer in the following fields: Politic, Security, Radical Islam, Terror, Middle East, Anti-Semitism and the Israeli-Arab conflict. A member of the IDSF in the research department, a lecturer on its behalf. Panelist on Channel 14 Publicist with an independent blog. Military service - in the Parachute Brigade as a warrior and commander in the Second Lebanon War, and "Iron Swords" in Reserve duty.
The head and the founder of the program Young Diplomats IL Speaking and Diplomacy.

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