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The Soundtrack of Revolutions

This lecture examines the Middle East's upheaval since the Tunisian revolutions began in December 2010, through the entire Arab World to the present day. Using fascinating video clips of revolutionary Arab songs, the lecture reflects on the entire journey of the Arab world from dream to disappointment to disillusionment.

The Revolutionary Woman

This lecture examines how Arab women participated in the Arab Spring revolutions and were encouraged to resist the gender-related limitations and violence they face as women in patriarchal and conservative societies. This lecture is followed by fascinating musical examples derived from the research "The Soundtrack of Revolutions".

Naama Aviad

Middle East analyst

Location Mark



English, Arabic, Hebrew

Naama Aviad is a Middle East analyst at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' CPR (Center for Political Research). Over the past few years, Naama has conducted private research that analyzes the Arab Spring through the revolutionary songs written by the young generation in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia. The research was published as a book named "The Soundtrack of Revolutions", which received an extremely positive response from Israeli media.

The Arab Spring, the dramatic upheaval in the Arab world, social trends, revolutionary women and youth are the topics which stand at the heart of her lectures.

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