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From Edge to Edge: the Americas

Journeys from the glaciers of Alaska, through the ancient Mayan cultures that set the current agenda in Mexico and Guatemala to the deserts and glaciers of Chile and from there to the end of the world: a visit to Easter Island, the most isolated human settlement on earth.

Travels with your Heart and Soul

A journey to the soul of Africa in the voodoo triangle of West Africa (Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal).
A journey througout the Jewish world between disappearing Jewish communities (Venice, Spain, Portugal, Cuba and Djerba / Tunisia).
A journey following the most beautiful sites in the world that UNESCO preserves as heritage sites of all mankind. (Morocco, Laos, Kamchatka, Southern Yemen and more).

Lectures on "forbidden places" for the Israeli travellers

A journey between the biblical paradise and the contemporary hell in Iraq, the Iranian paradox, Saudi Arabia between falling apart and bankruptcy, talks with Hezbollah fighters and frustrated demonstrators in Lebanon, a long-term personal connection with Jews in Yemen who are torn between living in Sanaa, Israel, Dubai, and New York. Libya's spectacular Sahara Desert, a trip through the spectacular views of Pakistan's mountain world, a tour to Afghanistan, how the world has influenced Indonesia and what is Indonesia's surprising impact on the world, meetings with brave women fighting for their rights in the Islamic world... and more.

Naftali Hilger

Lecturer, geographical photographer and cultural researcher

Location Mark



English, German, Hebrew

Among the first Israelis to visit Yemen in the 1980s. Pioneer in photo journeys in North Korea and Islamic countries, including Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Dubai, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia.
His lectures are a combination of spectacular photographs, in-depth information and personal experiences and impressions from journeys to places that not only Israeli travelers usually do not have access to.
His articles have been published in various television programs and in magazines in Israel and around the world.

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