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Holy land Success Secrets

Leadership seminars, by ancient wisdom. Practical tools to improve personal and professional skills. Workshops to develop personal and organizational leadership skills. Learn a proven way to set and achieve your goals and get more from your team.
All workshops are combining: active participation, talk, drills, movies & music.

Win in all ways

Elements of war & moral code of the best Army in the world.
WOW - How simple and smart. How to connect purity of arms with tricks, a mission with a fighting spirit. And why it is possible to win every confrontation with devotion and personal example.
The fascinating combination of proven principles and practical tools to implement in everyday life makes this lecture a winning trumpet and everyone comes out with an accurate arsenal to win the race of life.

Ophir Akiva

War-zone expert

Location Mark



English, Hebrew

Drawing from his vast life experience and positive attitude, Ophir empowers those who attend his lectures with tools and wisdom from The Bible and Nature.
A survival guide - leading outdoor workshops for the company's military unit. Author of best-seller - “Holy land success secrets” endorsed by Israel presidents - Mr. Shimon Peres & Rubie Rivlin. Speaker - conferences, seminars, and lectures. Radio host - a weekly show with the best mentors. Rescue officer (IDF Major) - leading units in war zones. Coming out from war zones, Ophir is dedicating his life to bringing peace to people and communities. Happily Married + 2 kids in Haifa.

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