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"Powder Keg"

Oren's story of fighting terror, the loss of his Commander Eli Avram RIP, and his life with PTSD and his formula of coping with it. There are two versions of this lecture: One for military, security, and rescue teams personnel, geared towards identifying and treating PTSD victims ASAP; And one for the general public, which tells his story and gives hope to veterans and their families that PTSD can be won over.

"Special Units"

The value of serving at the special forces of the IDF, geared towards high-school youngsters before they are drafted into the Israeli army. At this lecture, Oren doesn't go into PTSD, but more about the key values of courage and brotherhood that is an essential part of every special unit of Israel's armed forces, all while telling the story of historic heroes who served and died in action.

Oren Or Bittoun

Former IDF commander in an undercover counter-terrorism unit

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English, Hebrew

Oren Or Bittoun, author of “Powder Keg”, which tells his story as a former IDF team commander and fighter in an undercover counter-terrorism unit, and his journey through overcoming PTSD resulting from his military service and the complex daily war on terror in which he took part.
Oren has lectured both in Israel and abroad in front of army & police officers, soldiers, rescue forces, youngsters, and the general public, telling his story. He also took a key role in establishing the 1st lobby at the Israeli Parliament, for veterans with PTSD. Oren is the founder & Chairman of the "Trauma3Good" association, which already helped dozens of Veterans with PTSD.

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